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Making Forestry Fairer

It is widely accepted that in order to keep forests standing, forest policies must be fair and reflect the needs, values and rights of local communities. 

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Provoking change - A toolkit for African NGOs

This Advocacy Toolkit is for local and national NGOs, but specifically for those based in West Africa, as the case studies and background information are focused on this region. This toolkit was produced by FERN at the request of a network of environmental NGOs in West Africa: the Green Actors of West Africa (GAWA).

PDF icon Provoquer le changement3.38 MB
PDF icon Provoking change3.29 MB

The EU's Impact on Forests: a practical guide to campaigning at the EU level

An essential tool for anyone working to influence the EU on forest issues, the Guide provides an overview of the EU, details of how EU processes work, practical tips on influencing those processes and pointers on where to get hold of critical information.

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