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Forest Movement Europe

The Forest Movement Europe (FME) is a network of European NGOs working on forest-related issues with a focus on social justice.  It has been facilitated by Fern since 1995 and meets annually. Meetings are hosted by member organisations.

FME consists of more than 45 NGOs from over 12 European countries working on forest issues. Its purpose is to share information and develop joint strategies. If any FME members have information that could improve the FME pages of the Fern website please contact info(at)fern(dot)org.


The FME originated in 1989 when a group of NGOs from several different European countries joint efforts to support Japanese organisations stop Japanese companies’ destruction of rainforests. They originally met under the heading 'Ban Japan from the Rainforest'. 

By 1992 the group had expanded considerably in size and in the issues it dealt with. Its focus was no longer Japanese companies but tropical rainforest and support for forest peoples in general. At a meeting in Munich, Germany, the group renamed itself the European Rainforest Movement (ERM), the European arm of the World Rainforest Movement. A decision was made to remain a loose movement with no formal membership or secretariat. Meetings were held twice a year, hosted by one of the participating groups and coordinated by Saskia Ozinga who would go on to found Fern. 

Activities of the groups participating in the ERM really helped the struggle of forest peoples in places such as Sarawak, Malaysia and the Amazon become headline stories. On top of this, they helped the European tropical rainforest campaigns to take off, leading to a reduction of tropical timber imports into several European countries. 

In 1992, environmental organisations in the boreal forests began to look outside for help to protect the Taiga. Taiga Rescue Network (TRN) was formed and groups working on the boreal forests joined the ERM. This decision to focus efforts beyond rainforests led to the decision in 1994 to change to the current name, Forest Movement Europe.