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FME 2016 was held in Biggar, Scotland, hosted by Reforesting Scotland.





Main issues discussed were:

  • How Non-timber Forest Products can be used to diversify economic activities in forests and rural areas
  • The impact of EU bioenergy demand on forests in the South of USA
  • Forests, BECCS and the Paris Agreement
  • Traditional conservation measures and how they fail wildlife and communities in the Congo Basin
  • The impact of the pulp and paper industry on forests
  • The EU Timber Regulation and the potential for a new Action Plan on Deforestation
  • The EU’s Free Trade Agreement with Malaysia and the impact on forests
  • Scotland’s new land law
  • Showing how banks are implicated in deforestation

FME members also expressed their anger at the imminent logging of the Bialowieza Forest in Poland.